What is OpenCart?

If you desire to possess e–shop developed with less work, then OpenCart certainly is the solution you’re looking for. You will have plenty of options open to you right from the box. When using the user–friendly OpenCart admin interface, you will get your web shop geared up very fast.

With OpenCart, you will be able to set–up an unlimited quantity of items, with an overview for each one. The web app supports a variety of currencies, with new ones becoming included with every new edition. You can find 20 distinct payment gateways supported, from PayPal to Klarna, and also you will find 8 transport methods available. And if you are browsing for more, you can always enhance the main features with one of the multiple free of cost add–ons that are available for OpenCart.

OpenCart is a trademark of OpenCart Limited and is not connected with WWW Solutions.

OpenCart–Optimized Linux Cloud Hosting Packages Services

When you run an e–shop, it’s crucial that you employ a reputable hosting vendor that can make certain that your website is going to be operational, in all cases. At WWW Solutions, we have built optimized OpenCart Linux cloud hosting packages services that include a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. And thanks to our custom–made cloud hosting system coupled with network setup, we can maintain our guarantee every single day.

Our OpenCart–optimized Linux cloud hosting packages packages also come with unrestricted disk space, unrestricted traffic and unrestricted MySQL database storage space quotas. Thus, it won’t really make a difference what number of people or goods you’ve got – you’ll never use up all your traffic or disk space. And in addition we will be able to install and set up OpenCart instantly on your behalf, when you order your account.

A Point & Click Hosting Control Panel

When you manage an online store, the less time you devote on your hosting Control Panel and the more time you spend on your web site as well as on your users – the better. Because of this, we’ve developed a Hosting Control Panel that lets you do everything in a simple manner.

You are able to deal with your domain names, your sites and your billing transactions from just one location, no need for extra billing panels. Every time you sign in, we will show you up–to–date figures for your current website. Together with the user friendly, easy to navigate interface, you will be able to move about all of the areas of the Control Panel in seconds. We’ve also included a great amount of free of charge instruments and bonuses, that you can take full advantage of. Using the Online Stats Manager, it will be easy to keep an eye on all your traffic numbers at any moment, without the need to put in any kind of tracking codes to your web site. By using the Website Accelerator Applications, it is possible to make your website blazing–fast.